Alexandria Thims

The Dispised by Many


Half-Breed by Cher
Being born of both a Drow and Human is rare, and very hard on the child. Humans see her as one of the dark elves and elves see her as a human or Drow. This song perfectly shares her opinions on it.

Still Breathing by Green Day
I love Green Day and when I heard this single from their newest album it felt perfect for Alexandria. This would be her opinions and life after her mother formed the church of Selune in Icewind Dale.

Bring Me to Life by Evanescence
Besides from Amy Lee looking an awful lot like how I picture Alexandria nothing could better show off her first interactions with Orsik himself.

Hey You by Pink Floyd
A song about seeking attension and love, nothing could have been harder for her than the time Orsik had gone missing, it was nearly ten years he was gone.

Breaking the Habit by Linkin Park
During the time that Orisk was missing Alexandria was broken and didn’t care what she did. Addiction is hard and even when Orsik was found she couldn’t brake the habit until she became pregnant with Silverbane.

Bang Bang You’re Dead by Dirty Little Things
The day that Orsik and Alexandria split apart was a day she wanted nothing more than for Orsik to go off and die.

Lillium by Nadia Carolina Catillio
Alexandria would sing songs like this for Silverbane as she was growing up.

Ready to Die by Andrew W.K.
An upbeat take on the struggles to stay away from her addiction and the thoughts of regrets.

Cry by Dark Princess
She didn’t cry in public after learning about Orsik’s passing, but in private was a different story.

Where Is The Love? by The Black Eyed Peas
Her plans after mourning was to find a way to tackle the racism that started to grow in recent years.

Second Chance by Shinedown
Having found a plan and personal motiavation she fells like it’s time for her second chance at greatness.

The Broken by Stars in Stereo
Her plan was to help and find more members for the Children of Barovia was met well by Aegis whom she talked to constantly after returning from Sossel.

The Show Must Go On by Queen
Even after her death at the hands of an unknown party her legacy will continue on with Silverbane and Aegis.


Born nearly 200 years ago Alexandria grew up as half-Drow and half-Human. Drow look upon her as a disgrace to the race, the humans look upon her as a dirty evil Drow. Minus her mother Fells and her half-sister Halia Thortin, neither of them knew their fathers.

It was only about 30 years ago that she had her own daughter; Silverthorn. A half-elf, half-dwarf daughter whom caused many fond memories with Orsik.

It took a really long time before she found a place in the world, sadly it was a very short lived belonging (10 years) the death of her mother drove her to a personal quest.

Shortly after this time is when she was fighting heavily with Orsik and they ended up braking away roughly and not even close to friendly.

Alexandria Thims

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