Arthur de Colevile the 2nd.

The Begining of Evil Conatashions


Pretend love, false promises and dark magic; just another Tuesday for Arthur de Colevile.

Less than a decade after Kashtrain’s rise to power he found himself courting Halia Throtan a half-elf whom he was more fascinated in because of her sway in the Lord’s of Waterdeep. This one act was intended to either take control of the Lords or to destroy them in the name of Kashtrain’s rule.

Now in his mansion no one sees or hears from him aside from when lower class members are brought in to work as house servants, rumors naturally spread when the families never hear from their children again; although they seem to have lessened considerably after the wages earned started to funnel there ways to the families.

Arthur de Colevile the 2nd.

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