Halia Thortan

A Woman Scorned


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Bang Bang – My Baby Shot Me Down by Nancy Sinatra
The biggest drive to Halia hadn’t been revenge or scorn but once Arthur came along it was setting up for her strongest desire is just that.

Here Come The Vultures by Delain
She had been warned by her sister Alexandria about what was going to happen, Silverbane was the one who put it best by pointing out the subtle motifs of vultures he adorned himself with.

Sacrifice by Silverstein
Even as she started to understand what he was doing she was willing to let it be.

I Hate Myself For Loving You by Joan Jett
Slowly she started to develop hatred for Arthur but still couldn’t reach the point of full blown hatred.

Like a Stone by Audioslave
A song about death and dying (yes I’m serious) felt perfect for a figurative demise; in particular it is about Arthur taking another woman’s hand in marriage.

Without Light, I Am by Danzig
Pure and unadulterated hatred. That quickly became her only known emotion in general and lead to her admitting to her sister and a few close friends that she would resort to any means necessary.

Off With Her Head by Icon for Hire
The title really says it all, she wants to cut off the head of Arthur’s wife.

Any Last Words? by New Years Day
She’s been planing what to say to Arthur when she kills him or causes his death and so forth.

The Sound of Silence by Simon and Garfunkel
Depression and loneliness was the life that she agreed to in order to fully capitalize on her hatred.

Mad World by Tears for Fear
This is how she feels about the world now, nothing is happy except her dreams of dying.

Heathens by Twenty One Pilots
She’s the leader of the Thieve’s Guild and is known for taking in anyone at all who can further her goals or the guild (or both.)

Everybody’s Fool by Evanescence
How she fells thinking back on her time as the fiance of Arthur.

Vampire Heart by HIM
She does her best to drive away all of her family and friends knowing she’s going to drag most if not all of them down.

Cold As Ice by Foreigner
This is how she refers to Arthur, “the one of ice” if you will.

The World According to Revenge by Murderdolls
This is her festering on her desires of revenge.


Up until the betrayal by Arthur de Colevile, Halia was notorious for benefiting from the ruling of the Lords of Waterdeep and despite rumors of her being one nothing could be proven.

That all changed of course once she was scorned by her then fiance Arthur, his undoing became her only goal in life no mater how long it takes.

She has built up the Thieve’s Guild and using it to spread her influence and plans to use it take down her biggest threat and enemy; Arthur.

Halia Thortan

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