Marina Zarovich

Plagued by a Father's Legacy


Seemingly stillborn she was buried in a shallow grave, at the age of three she was found seemingly alive feeding from a werewolf pup. After being taken to Strahd it was easy to see she was the daughter of Ireena; Ireena having just recently turned into a vampire like her beloved.

Kept a secret from the populace with nothing but books filled with romantic stores of adventure and good over powering evil; even so she would sneak out in order to see the splendors that existed outside of the castle but what she saw was far from splendid; people living in fear of her father.

After her realization at no older than 8 she began to sneak out more frequently in order to give wealth to those in need, alas she made the mistake of trusting one Fiona Watcher who was one of Strahd’s best and most loyal subjects; with that one mistake she lost her right arm.

This wouldn’t stop her though; hell most everything Strhad tried couldn’t stop her. Instead she started to aid the Keepers of the Feather to make sure they were able to act with less worry and effort. It took another 3 years before she was caught yet again, this time while trying to get out of the castle one fated night.

For her insubordination her left leg was slowly cut off by her mother as she was held down by her father; punishment to desway the acts so they claimed. Even without her leg or arm she would continue to sneak out and at the age of 24 she was caught for the last time and a stake was driven through her heart to paralyze her until they deemed her worthy of another chance.

Marina Zarovich

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