The Rain of Kashtrain

The story so far...

The adventure began in a bar in Waterdeep with Alister, Keith, Gilmore and Reaper. The booze was cheep but it did the trick to ease the edge considering whom had chartered the ship for them; Burt Reynolds leader of the Dragon’s Bane rebellion.

They were greeted by Odellion, an excentric and quick witted “entrupener” who owned the ship headed for Sossal in the Cold Lands. Abouard this ship they met Zenj; the first mate who was quickly added to the ranks of the party, it only took some coin from Odellion first.

Later during the dead of night a Sea Hag and her half-hag daughter had ended up on the ship; after a short bout they quickly made friends with Jezebel the unlucky daughter of a Sea Hag. Though you would assume she were nothing more than an Aquan Elf from a glance.

In Sossal they we’re lead to “The Snowy Night’s” nightclub, which despite being the only nightclub in the area it would easily put most others to shame, and those it doesn’t are in for quite the run for their money.

They met quite a few people in the process; Aria Snow the club owner and Celeste a blind hermit returned from meditation. Alister even got to experience living on the edge of a razor when two half-sisters showed up; both with reasons to want to see Alister and his family name gone. Alexandria Thims and Halia “The Woman in Red” Rosethorn.

Though travel they met one more addition to their party; Morda a half-orc who lived as a slave and champion. From there they made their way towards the Dwarvin Settlement of Mulyahr.

Mulyahr was quite the interesting set of adventures which made them friends to Orsik and Thorin, although both friendships were short lived. One because of death, the other having disappeared in the night.

They made their way though the Underdark of the Cold Lands, or more accurately they we’re dragged though the Underdark while being tailed by Zenj. All because they trusted a Tiefling by the name of Thymus Nightshade; such a shame it was but a disguise.

They fought their way though “The Drider’s Den” and now they are about to walk though a portal to the unknown in order to try and find the surface.

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